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Monday, August 24, 2009

On the Road Again

We just got back from dropping off Thing #2 at college and I managed to find a LYS (no surprise there). The store was totally delightful and had some different yarns than my LYS. I was able to totally lose myself wandering around looking at everything: samples, different yarns, different patterns and notions. The staff were very nice and I enjoyed meeting them and talking "shop". I make it a point to support LYS whenver I visit them. I got a skein of Nicole from Shaefer yarns.
Last week when we were in the Cape, I visited Sage Yarn & Gifts in Falmouth, MA. Another lovely shop. It's always so interesting to see how different stores are layed out. I found Malabrigo Sily Merino and Colinette Parisienne.
There was another store in Portsmouth, NH where the wedding we attended was located. We must've passed it 3 times. I kept trying to get my family to stop there, they just wouldn't go for it. I don't know what there problem was. It seemed to be a perfectly reasonable request... I mean it was literally on our way.

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