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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Joanne knit up a storm this weekend. She finished the back of her granddaughter's sweater and began one of the sleeves. There were a few trials and errors getting the sleeves going. All in the name of learning new tricks! She'll probably have the sleeve done by the time I see her next.
Linda came in with sleeves at the ready. She knit the sleeves onto the Wallaby and began the yoke of the sweater. The knitting was a little tight for a couple of rows. It was a very happy moment!
Mary is nearly done with the knitting of her Baby Lovie (the blanket is knit in Plymouth Jeanne and the "duck" is knit in Muench My Family) that she's making in a class at Knitting Central. We were thinking adding an orange duck bill. :)
Kristen brought in her daughter's sweater. I tried to graft the stitches in the body that she left live (the yarn was too variable at this section). It didn't come out as smoothly as I would've liked. We had a debate that spanned not only our table of ladies, it included a woman sitting behind us. It was a fun "village" moment. With the goal of preventing Kristen from ripping out the sweater and starting again, we settled on the idea of crocheting something strategically on the graft area. The village was in agreement. The sweater is knit in Manos. We're going to bring in our assorted colors of Manos stash and see what we can come up with.
The only time I find random pictures of me knitting during stitch and chat are when my daughter comes along and sneaks pictures!

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