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Friday, February 13, 2009

Elizabeth surprised us with her latest swap visitor. This crocheted mouse, complete with his own "go green" crocheted bag.
She finished her rich looking scarf in "random" stripes of kid silk haze. The colors look outstanding together.
Elizabeth started a Noro sweater in Silk Garden. There are 5 different skeins running at once to create the different blocks of color. The sweater totally captivated Michelle who is now on the lookout for Silk Garden in her favorite colors.
Michelle's Blue Sky Alpaca baby dress is complete (sans buttons/weaving). It is totally adorable and priceless.
Here is the parade of Michelle's most recent crocheted squares for her crocheted sampler. She outdoes herself with every new square. She said she's not sure if she's enjoying the crochet. She is happy to know how though.

Above, is a 3-dimensional flower. To the left is a square with the "spike stitch". To the right is another 3-dimensional flower.

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Ann said...

hehe. The little mouse is cute.