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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Elizabeth is working on a Noro Ribbed Jacket pattern in Silk Garden. It's knit with several different skeins of the same colorway working at once so the varigated nature of the yarn really shows off well.
Here is her magnificient Kid Silk Haze scarf that she is knitting by holding different colors together and striping with a planned randomness because it's too stressful to be completely random!
Michelle has made beautiful progress on the Baby Dress by Blue Sky Alpaca, knit in Twinkle Cruise.
Here are all the crocheted squares she's made for the sampler class she's taking at Knitting Central. It's going to be a terrific lap throw.

Danielle brought the pieces of her Montana V-Neck kid's sweater. A quick knit at 2 sts/ 1". She worked on the shawl collar.
And here.... drumroll please.... is her very first buttonhole. A job well done. :)

We had two book recommendations today:
Knit one, Kill too

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